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What is God’s culture? I believe He has left His fingerprints in every culture of the world for us to uncover.  It is my life’s goal to discover who God is through the colorful spectrum of cultures He has made.  To do this, I must see every nation, tribe, and tongue worshiping God and I must keep crossing oceans.  Take a step, a stroll, or sojourn with me on this lifelong journey.

While God is full of love and peace, the planet he left in our blood-stained hands is besieged by division.  We’ve allowed our different languages, lands, and traditions to become barriers instead of bridges, yet our fragile shared-ecosystem we call ‘earth’ obliges us to coexist.  How might we be bridging cultures, cultivating honor, collaboration, and celebration?  With humility and open hearts, let us seek to listen and learn from those who are not like us; we may just discover a sister or brother!

about me


Hi!  My name is Rachel Kuhn.  If we met and you asked me, “Where are you from?” I’d probably answer with, “I don’t know.”  To many, I am a typical white American girl.  But to those who know me, my skin conceals the secret of my Asian heritage.  I spent my first 17 years growing up in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Crossing oceans was an ordinary part of life— I learned to fly before I learned to walk!  In summer 2014 I relocated to Oahu, Hawaii, the island nicknamed “the gathering place”.  This palm tree speckled oasis in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean is home to people from all over the Asia-Pacific rim.  I crossed this ocean to discover the God of the Polynesian peoples and the God of every international student who migrates here for college.  It seemed an appropriate time to start this blog.  I invite you to join me in crossing oceans and bridging cultures.

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