Finding the Courage to Break my Blog-writing Silence

One year ago, I submitted my master’s dissertation and was ready for a writing hiatus.  Yet my blog-writing silence has lasted longer than I wish to admit.  But whenever I muster enough energy to think about my next blog, I’m engulfed by a tsunami of fears, uncertainties, and lies.  So rising above the swell of my inner resistance, I’m breaking my silence with public confession and choosing to embody courage once again. … More Finding the Courage to Break my Blog-writing Silence

Another Conversion Moment

I’ve called myself a Christian since I was about five. But since then, I’ve gone through several other “conversions”. About 10 years ago I experienced a “conversion” to a gospel of unity for people of every nation, tribe, and tongue who in John’s heavenly vision in Revelation 7 are all together worshiping around the throne of God. At this time racial protest following the murder of George Floyd, perhaps we are at a corporate “conversion moment”. Let us affirm that black lives matter and love our black brothers and sisters like Christ. … More Another Conversion Moment

IKEA chair

One week ago I arrived in Scotland to attend the University of St. Andrews and moved into my new flat. Immediately I felt welcomed by my lovely roommate Katherine and other friends and neighbors.  I jumped into orientation week and enjoyed getting to know my diverse community of colleagues in the Graduate School of interdisciplinary … More IKEA chair

My turn to be an international student

Written September 2, 2019 in Washington Dulles International Airport during a 12-hour delay on my flight to London for graduate school.  Since I graduated with my BA in 2009 (Communications, Simpson University) I’ve spent the past 10 years in Christian campus ministry, and the last 5 years reaching out to international students in particular.  Now, … More My turn to be an international student

The Pearl

It’s a pearl, rugged beauty emerging as brokenness restored… canon ball holes line the cliffs around the bay, garbage which washed ashore from Japan, Korea, and China, is flung across the rocks lining the shore.  A wise Hawaiian elder, with dark weather-worn skin gazes out at the horizon.  He is the Protector of these ancestral … More The Pearl

Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations

Today I opened a new book I’ve been meaning to read for over a year now and I found myself in the company of friends whose conversation hums at the same frequency as the constant debate in my head.  They are Evangelical Christian thinkers and practitioners who are White, Asian, African, Indian, Native indigenous, and Feminist.  Everyone is welcome at this round table of discussion and invited to have “the courage to differ graciously.” … More Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations