Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations

Today I opened a new book I’ve been meaning to read for over a year now and I found myself in the company of friends whose conversation hums at the same frequency as the constant debate in my head.  They are Evangelical Christian thinkers and practitioners who are White, Asian, African, Indian, Native indigenous, and Feminist.  Everyone is welcome at this round table of discussion and invited to have “the courage to differ graciously.” … More Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations


Europe Voyage in brief PART 2

Recounting the second half of my Europe Voyage… I traveled for 105 days, to 11 countries, taking 13 flights, sleeping in 31 beds, with 50+ train rides, and plenty of new friends!  I traversed beautiful landscapes in Europe and the US, enjoyed rich reunions with family and friends, and experienced meaningful paradigm shifts as I’ve encountered new ideas. … More Europe Voyage in brief PART 2

In Transit

Life is about the in between spaces, the liminality or limbo where you’ve left some place but you haven’t arrived in the next place yet.  It’s like being a traveler in transit. I’m doing a lot of transiting (and train-sitting) on my Europe Voyage, and there’s something surprisingly comforting about it.  As a TCK, Third … More In Transit

Amphibious Cycling

(This post has been churning within me for a couple years now.  As we pry apart the crusty shell, I hope we’ll find a pearl…) When I moved to Honolulu a couple of years ago, my roommate kindly gave me her bicycle.  As an independent-minded person, I much preferred cycling to riding the bus to … More Amphibious Cycling

I planted a tree.

I’m back after an unplanned 6 month hiatus.  Why was I gone so long?  I’m not sure… sometimes the journey of crossing oceans and bridging cultures is too raw to put in writing for the world to see. Other times I’m journeying alongside someone else’s story that is simply not mine to tell and I … More I planted a tree.

Brown is colorful

June 3, 2015.  Journal Entry.  Sitting on the plane in Oakland, CA ready to fly to Boise, ID… I’m the one holding the paper cup of steaming green tea between my thighs as I stir in some honey.  (I know you’re afraid I’ll spill.)  I carefully squeeze every last ounce of honey from the little … More Brown is colorful