Brown is colorful

June 3, 2015.  Journal Entry.  Sitting on the plane in Oakland, CA ready to fly to Boise, ID… I’m the one holding the paper cup of steaming green tea between my thighs as I stir in some honey.  (I know you’re afraid I’ll spill.)  I carefully squeeze every last ounce of honey from the little … More Brown is colorful

Nalisniki and faith

When I think of American immigrant stories, I think of my early ancestors who came from Europe, or the wave of Chinese immigrants in the last century, or the recent influx of immigrants from Mexico.  Rarely would I imagine an immigrant who looks like me but grew up in a completely different cultural context. My … More Nalisniki and faith

I am from… ?

Where are you from?  This is one of the hardest questions for me to answer.  I usually say, “Well, I spent my 18 years of childhood growing up in Hong Kong and Taiwan, lived in California for 10 years while attending college and starting my work, and now I live in Hawaii… does that answer … More I am from… ?