1 Unlearn

5 days ’till my launch I consider how much I will need to unlearn in order to learn new things.  It’s St. Patrick’s day and in just a few weeks I’ll be in Ireland on a Celtic Pilgrimage learning about this saint!  

Amphibious Cycling

(This post has been churning within me for a couple years now.  As we pry apart the crusty shell, I hope we’ll find a pearl…) When I moved to Honolulu a couple of years ago, my roommate kindly gave me her bicycle.  As an independent-minded person, I much preferred cycling to riding the bus to … More Amphibious Cycling

Erasing Racism

I slipped into the passenger seat of a 2014 Lincoln and greeted my Lyft driver, an African American man about my age.  During my brief stay in Atlanta, GA, I’d been inspired to learn about the Nobel Prize winner whose name and legacy is memorialized all over his home city.  Today I was headed to … More Erasing Racism

I planted a tree.

I’m back after an unplanned 6 month hiatus.  Why was I gone so long?  I’m not sure… sometimes the journey of crossing oceans and bridging cultures is too raw to put in writing for the world to see. Other times I’m journeying alongside someone else’s story that is simply not mine to tell and I … More I planted a tree.