Being Good Guests in the Land

How do I explain the American celebration of Thanksgiving to my international friends? It was a time of gratitude shared between the Native American Indian “hosts” and the European settler “guests”. I hesitate and wonder if I should say more… … More Being Good Guests in the Land

My White Heroes

During my “Europe Voyage” I was looking for historical figures from my nations of origin who I could admire and emulate. In reflection, there were four with whom I came into contact who really impressed and challenged me.  Here I will share a little about each… … More My White Heroes

Columbus is NOT my Hero

Monday, October 9, 2017 is Columbus Day, celebrated every year on the 2nd Monday in October.  While 46 states still honor and commemorate the “great explorer” on this day, others are in resistance (Alaska, Hawai’i, Oregon, and South Dakota appropriately choose this day to honor indigenous peoples).  One must stop to consider why we are celebrating the initiation of an era of immeasurable suffering and death… … More Columbus is NOT my Hero

White America, look at Charlottesville. It’s time to wake up. 

Fellow white people, Graphic pictures of bodies flying over a car give our thumbs pause as we scroll through today’s news feed.  The headline draws us in, “Car Hits Crowd After White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Ends in Violence”  (The New York Times). We click and peruse the article.  It’s ugly.  A neo-Nazi organization gathered … More White America, look at Charlottesville. It’s time to wake up. 

Raising the Flag

We stood in a circle, possibly the biggest I’ve ever seen, some under shade of the trees, and others perspiring in the hot sun.  My left hand linked me to my Hawaiian kahu (pastor) of our indigenous-style church and my right grasped the hand of a gentleman I had never met.  How many had gathered … More Raising the Flag

Of Boats & Bridges

Years before I started this blog, I pondered the analogies of boats and bridges. I love the idea of boats and bridges because they make it possible for cultures to meet one another and intersect. But boats haven’t always transported willing riders and some lands haven’t always been willing recipients of new arrivals.  Tracing the story of human migration, reveals a patchwork of both willing and unwilling migrations.  Boats and bridges are not always so pretty. … More Of Boats & Bridges