From Swimsuits to Sweaters

It’s a warm March afternoon in Hawai’i.  I sit in shorts and a t-shirt at a sea side café watching speed boats and jet skis play.  It’s hard to imagine that in a few months, wrapped up in down jacket and wool hat I’ll be standing on a grassy coastline on a distant shore overlooking … More From Swimsuits to Sweaters

Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations

Today I opened a new book I’ve been meaning to read for over a year now and I found myself in the company of friends whose conversation hums at the same frequency as the constant debate in my head.  They are Evangelical Christian thinkers and practitioners who are White, Asian, African, Indian, Native indigenous, and Feminist.  Everyone is welcome at this round table of discussion and invited to have “the courage to differ graciously.” … More Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations