100 day project report: 50 days down!

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According to my friend who inspired me to do the 100 day project, we’re half-way through!  Yay!  I admit I lost count.  I also admit that I have not followed through on my plan.  My plan was to write a blog every day for 100 days but to spend no longer than 30 min.  What I discovered is that it is very difficult to research, write, edit, and attach an attractive piece of visual stimulation in 30 min or less.  This can be done in more like an hour or hour and a half.  I also realized that when I share someone else’s story, I need to ask their permission which may delay posting.

Over the last 50 days I have posted 25 blogs!  If I was in school, this would mean I have 50% or an F, but I’m not in school. 🙂  So instead of seeing failure, I am seeing success.  Taking on the 100 day challenge has catapulted me into the blogging world.  Instead of letting fears hold me back, I’ve charged full steam ahead.  I’ve found a delight in writing about God’s fingerprint in cultures and I think I’m beginning to discover my voice.  Writing about culture has helped me see experiences around me through fresh cultural lenses.  This journey has also allowed me to discover my beat as an activist as I joined 2 protests: Simpson University & Mauna Kea.  My mom, aunt, uncle, and a few other friends follow my blog (thanks guys!).  Since the start of 2015, I’ve had a total of 658 visitors with 1240 views.  My post “Truth lies bruised at Simpson’s door” about the Simpson protest had a record 250 views in one day!  My readers live in 25 countries including UAE, Croatia, & Egypt!

I love writing, and it flows easily.  I’m learning how to be more raw, honest, and less perfectionistic. It’s easy to write about things I’m passionate about: racial reconciliation, cultural expressions of worship, and Hawaiian issues.  Often, however, I feel cautious about my subject as it can be so volatile.  I still am operating in the safe-zone, not being very bold or controversial.  I’m trying to win reader’s trust before I invite them to venture too far way from their own safe shores.  I wish I knew the faces behind the numbers that represent each day’s readers.  (If you’re reading this, THANK YOU!  Now would you comment so I know you did!?).  I desire to have more dialogue and conversation through reader’s comments.  I would like to have contributing writers to offer their voice and perspective.

I think it’s already been 25 minutes!  (I spent too much time looking at statistics.)  So time to write a new goal for the remaining 50 days of the project and also attach a picture that will draw you in to read this post.  (I’m glad it worked!)  For the remaining 50 days, I am to write at least 2 blog posts per week complete with research, permission, and pictures/videos.  I want to take snapshots of an experience, article, news flash, or book I’m reading and expound on it.  There are countless things in a day which I could capture and extrapolate blog material.  Even more, I will be traveling during the month of June, which means even more interesting perspectives and material.  So, let the fun continue!

50 days to go.

5 thoughts on “100 day project report: 50 days down!

  1. Rachel, you have a talent for communication and a great walk with the Lord, I would say stay confident in your walk! I am excited to see which way God is sending you.


  2. Cool collage. I like how you summarized things and set a new goal for yourself. Way to go on being halfway there! Love you


  3. Rachel, I read every post, blog, email, remark, etc. that you write. You are a gifted writer and an extraordinary servant for God.


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