Learning to Rest

Last Sunday morning I was up way before my alarm clock with anxious thoughts swirling around.  How did my thoughts become so crowded and backlogged?  Perhaps it was the lack of true rest in my life.  If I want to follow Christ, I will also, like him, find a lonely place to be with God (Luke 15:16).

I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed a journal and pen and sat in my favorite chair by the lamp to pour out my heart to the Lord, and humbly acknowledge my need to enter His rest… two poems* are the result of coming away to be with him…

Going, going, going… so many things to do

There’s people, projects, planning, my mind strays from you

My heart is like a buoy tossed to and fro

I long to sit in stillness, to let myself go    S L O W …

They make me feel important — all these people and meaningful tasks

But my heart needs to settle and climb into your lap

You are my HOME and my center, and when I meander from this place

Life loses its deep pleasure, the joy of beholding your face

I’m in love with you

And now I know it’s true

I can’t go long without beholding your gaze

Hearing soft whispers, feeling the tenderness of your ways

I’m yours, I’m yours, no lovers will satisfy

Whether they be friends in high places or prestige in the world’s eye

All others can behold me and think what they may

But I know who I come HOME to at the end of the day

It’s you, it’s you, the one who never leaves

Let me not forget you lest my soul bereaves

I hear the morning song birds, feel sun rays on my skin

Your heart beckons me closer and so I enter in

This place of quiet peace with you is once again my HOME

You’re my refuge, my love, I will never be alone


The frenetic pace of hurried days

is all the world may know

But I have found a secret hiding place

where everything is slow

I climb up to my father’s lap

and lay against his chest

I hear the rhythm of his heart

and there I find my rest

This place I’ve found is best of all

none will take it away

My heart steadies and beats with his

I know I’m here to stay

He strips away my fears and hurts

they fall beneath his feet

He wraps me in a cloak of warmth

His gift of perfect peace

*If you share these poems, please acknowledge the author.  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Learning to Rest

  1. Rachel, these poems are so beautiful and rich with meaning. So glad he poured them into your heart so you could pen them. He really is our HOME, how well I know that. Psalm 90:1 “Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.”
    Psalm 91:1 “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” (Also verse 9).

    Wow, how he has gifted you!

    Much love, Mom


  2. I echo what your mom has written. These poems blessed me also as I too needed to find a place of quiet rest this morning with Him. Thanks for sharing them. Love you, Rachel. Have a great day of seeing God use you in that beautiful place. Aunt Ann for Uncle Phil as well


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