From Swimsuits to Sweaters

It’s a warm March afternoon in Hawai’i.  I sit in shorts and a t-shirt at a sea side café watching speed boats and jet skis play.  It’s hard to imagine that in a few months, wrapped up in down jacket and wool hat I’ll be standing on a grassy coastline on a distant shore overlooking … More From Swimsuits to Sweaters

The Pearl

It’s a pearl, rugged beauty emerging as brokenness restored… canon ball holes line the cliffs around the bay, garbage which washed ashore from Japan, Korea, and China, is flung across the rocks lining the shore.  A wise Hawaiian elder, with dark weather-worn skin gazes out at the horizon.  He is the Protector of these ancestral … More The Pearl

Raising the Flag

We stood in a circle, possibly the biggest I’ve ever seen, some under shade of the trees, and others perspiring in the hot sun.  My left hand linked me to my Hawaiian kahu (pastor) of our indigenous-style church and my right grasped the hand of a gentleman I had never met.  How many had gathered … More Raising the Flag

I planted a tree.

I’m back after an unplanned 6 month hiatus.  Why was I gone so long?  I’m not sure… sometimes the journey of crossing oceans and bridging cultures is too raw to put in writing for the world to see. Other times I’m journeying alongside someone else’s story that is simply not mine to tell and I … More I planted a tree.

Prayer & Oli

Isn’t it like God to use a white self-professing Buddhist to bring reconciliation to the Native Hawaiians’ divided identity–that they can be both Hawaiian and Christian!?  Dr. Ron Williams, a professor of Hawaiian Studies at UH Manoa, became an avid student of Hawaiian history while living in Maui.  For his doctoral dissertation, he looked more … More Prayer & Oli