Pule for Hokule’a

On Sunday evening I attended an event at Kawaiaha’o Church to pule (pray) for the voyaging ship, Hokule’a (pictured below).  Hokule’a (Star of Gladness) brings the past to life for the Native Hawaiian people.  This traditional double-hull voyaging canoe built in the 70’s is built like the early vessels that carried the Polynesian people from the south … More Pule for Hokule’a

Ethnic Kaleidoscope

While perusing the books at Goodwill the other day, I stumbled across this treasure.  It is a photographic gem of Hawaii’s beautiful mixed children.  Opening with a descriptive introduction and cute poems, it contains page after page of photos of cute kids in Hawaii with an accompanying list of ethnicities they represent.  Some have two … More Ethnic Kaleidoscope

Aloha is…

Tonight I took part in a gathering of activists who want to see a FREE HAWAII, meaning, a Hawaii with the freedom to self-rule as the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii.  In the room are activists who have gone through numerous arrests, some serving prison time, others still battling in court.  They are warriors who have … More Aloha is…

My first protest

I am honored to stand with the citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom as they seek to protect what is sacred.  Mauna Kea, one of the highest peaks on the big island reaching above 13,000 feet, is considered the piko or navel of the island archipelago; it connects the Hawaiian people to their past.  But as … More My first protest

I can only imagine…

The atmosphere was electric as the three men danced vigorously in front of the regal couple, sweat dripping down their bare backs and their grass skirts mimicking every rapid movement.  With weapons in hand, red-leaf arm bands, and face-paint, they looked like fierce warriors in post-battle reverie.  The hundreds of observers clapped to the rhythm … More I can only imagine…

Bananas grow slowly

I think that’s the same cluster of bananas that emerged from it’s flower’s protective covering three months ago.  The baby bananas have grown in that time but their slow process makes growth almost imperceptible.  In contrast, a single guava tree branch seems to yield two small harvests a week of luscious strawberry guavas. In John … More Bananas grow slowly

Ke Kai Wa’a

During a quiet day-retreat in May 2013, I felt God speaking to me through the metaphor of a boat on the ocean about His desire to direct my life as I yield to him.  The poem seemed to flow straight from the heart of God into my journal; He the writer, and I the scribe. … More Ke Kai Wa’a