Learning about freedom

A trip to the new African American Museum in Washington D.C. gave me a new appreciation for freedom. Though our nation was birthed in racial injustice while we proclaimed human freedom, those who were once hard pressed have pushed the burden of injustice off of their backs, raising themselves and the rest of us to a true human freedom and equality. … More Learning about freedom

prophetic imagination

I think the reason most churches don’t spend time talking about the race problem is because they don’t think there’s anything we can do about it. We’re suffering from a great lack of what Theologian Walter Brugemann calls “prophetic imagination”. Without an image of what the Kingdom of God looks like, how can we stand as a city on a hill in a bleak world? It’s time for us to recover our imagination. … More prophetic imagination

Erasing Racism

I slipped into the passenger seat of a 2014 Lincoln and greeted my Lyft driver, an African American man about my age.  During my brief stay in Atlanta, GA, I’d been inspired to learn about the Nobel Prize winner whose name and legacy is memorialized all over his home city.  Today I was headed to … More Erasing Racism

Why Black Lives Matter to Jesus, me, and InterVarsity

This blog is written in response to a person very dear to me who shared concern about standing with the Black Lives Matter movement because of some protester’s tendency toward violence, the negative portrayal in the media, and statistics that suggest a much higher proportion of violence by blacks towards white people than vice versa. … More Why Black Lives Matter to Jesus, me, and InterVarsity