Raising the Flag

We stood in a circle, possibly the biggest I’ve ever seen, some under shade of the trees, and others perspiring in the hot sun.  My left hand linked me to my Hawaiian kahu (pastor) of our indigenous-style church and my right grasped the hand of a gentleman I had never met.  How many had gathered … More Raising the Flag

A visit with the Queen

It’s a good day to be visiting royalty. I wear a long flowing dress and lipstick, my hair all curled and fancy hoping I am presentable to the Queen. I gaze upwards at the Palace, honored to be welcomed in. But my heart deflates to find that the Queen is no longer in residence and her home has become a museum. … More A visit with the Queen

Of Boats & Bridges

Years before I started this blog, I pondered the analogies of boats and bridges. I love the idea of boats and bridges because they make it possible for cultures to meet one another and intersect. But boats haven’t always transported willing riders and some lands haven’t always been willing recipients of new arrivals.  Tracing the story of human migration, reveals a patchwork of both willing and unwilling migrations.  Boats and bridges are not always so pretty. … More Of Boats & Bridges

Learning about freedom

A trip to the new African American Museum in Washington D.C. gave me a new appreciation for freedom. Though our nation was birthed in racial injustice while we proclaimed human freedom, those who were once hard pressed have pushed the burden of injustice off of their backs, raising themselves and the rest of us to a true human freedom and equality. … More Learning about freedom

Part 2 – My Top 10 Travel Blunders & How I fixed them

If you enjoyed part 1, you’ll definitely eat up part 2.  #6-9 all happened in the same week.  Though this one week in my travels had the most blunders and thus was the most expensive, it was also the most exciting.  It was spontaneous, risky, and amazing.  I would totally do it again, but making … More Part 2 – My Top 10 Travel Blunders & How I fixed them

Part 1 – My Top 10 Travel Blunders & How I Fixed Them

My parents raised me in a foreign country with the mantra, “Sometimes we pay for our lessons.”  Linguistic and cultural barriers are just part of the landscape of international travel or living and as the visitor, it’s pretty likely we’ll goof up here or there. This perspective has helped me have grace on myself on … More Part 1 – My Top 10 Travel Blunders & How I Fixed Them

In Transit

Life is about the in between spaces, the liminality or limbo where you’ve left some place but you haven’t arrived in the next place yet.  It’s like being a traveler in transit. I’m doing a lot of transiting (and train-sitting) on my Europe Voyage, and there’s something surprisingly comforting about it.  As a TCK, Third … More In Transit

The English, part 1

When I handed the train conductor my ticket, he said, “Thank you, Love!”  That’s when I knew I wasn’t in England any more. I’m skimming the coastline in northern Wales on my way to catch a ferry to Dublin.  I’ll spend my next week touring Ireland with a group of InterVarsity students (American study-abroad students … More The English, part 1